Shiba Pee

Auto Boost!
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The Next Shiba
Let's be a Happy Shiba
% of dogs never used a dog toilet
homeless dog in USA
homeless dog die every second in USA
USD needed to save a homeless dog in usa

- Shiba Pee Token -
Save Live & Get Rich!!

You love Shiba Inu Token, You love Dogs. 
Shiba Pee is the best Token for you!

Auto Boost, Massive Burn, Auto Farm Stable PUMP
Charity Donation to Save Millions Homeless Dog & Build Dog Toilet arond the World!!

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Total issue: 10000000000000

Platform: DXSale

Launch Date: 19/8 GMT 13:00 (48 Hours)

Pre Sale Price: 1BNB = 25B SHIP

Listing on Pancake Swap: 21/8 GMT 13:00 

Pancake Price: 1BNB = 18B SHIP


LOCKUP till 24/8 23:00 TOKYO TIme

Soft Cap 50 BNB

Hard Cap 100 BNB

Min: 0.1 BNB
Max: 5 BNB


Millions of Dogs are Homeless

Without proper care and a pet shelter, the thousands of Homeless Dogs die everyday in USA.

Our Transasction Tax is enough to save life!

5% of each transaction will go to Charity work to save the lovely homeless dogs! 

Massive Boost and Auto Farming

All you need to do is HODL! 
With Auto Farming and Massive Boost, your investment can 10x and to 100x easily!

Let's get rich and save lives!

How Shiba pee?

Shiba Happe

Q3 2021
Launch Token Website and Social Network

Build public awareness on the holess dog issue!

Q3 2021
Apply for Coingecko and Coin MarketCap

Apply for listing on popular token listing site. 

Q3 2021
Pet Lover Campaign Airdrop

Build hype and public awareness!

Airdrop to all pet holders mentioning us on Twitter!

No Hype No Pump!

Q3 2021
Develop partnership with Global Pet Shelters for Charity Donation

Save Homeless Dogs by donating to support Pet Shelter operation! 

Save Lives! 

Q3 2021
Media Exposure: Holders only Global Pet Volunteer Day

First Ever Global Volunteer Event hosted by a Token!

Gain media coverage! Bring external PUMP! 

Q4 2021 Sub Label
Token 100x GET RICH and SAFE LIVES

We will be heading to moon! 

All holders will be happy! 

Shiba will be happe!

Q1 2022 Sub Label
Open 1st Shiba Pee Pet Shelter

Shiba Pee Pet Shelter will enable us to expand our coverage to the world and help safe lives more cost efficiently!

Q2 2022 Sub Label
Launch Shiba Pee Global Pet Megastore

All Profit will be distributed to ALL Shiba Pee HOLDERS!

Stable Income while Saving Lives!

Q1 2022 Sub Label
Pet Only NFT Platform

World's first NFT exchange selling Pet Only Artworks.

All Profit will be distributed to ALL Shiba Pee HOLDERS!

Build Shiba Toilet in Every Major Cities around the world

Shiba deserve to pee happeeee and enjoy~

Our Vision: Become the BEST and MOST Profitable NGO focusing savingDog's lives

What is better than getting Rich and Saving Lives!

Shiba Happeeeeee!

Our TeaM

Our Team consist of Professional Veterinarian, Pet Mental Research Scientist, NGO founders,
Pet Shelter Founder, Pet Department Store Founder And Pet Ownersss

So ready to Safe the world!!!

The Vet

Professional to take care of Pets

With over 10 years of experience in as a Veterinarian.
He is so determined to build something big to safe lives!!

The Dog Psychiatrist

CMO Our Chief Mind Reading Officer

She have been reading dog’s mind for years!

What homeless dog need is Love and Care apart from a shelter.

The Pet Owners

Dog Lovers

They love their dogs and they are willing to go one step further to show their love to other dogs!